Stephanie Taylor



I’m Stephanie Taylor, an activist and writer. I started my career as a union organizer in Appalachia, and have spent 20 years in labor, electoral and advocacy fights around the country. As the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and the Progressive Change Institute (PCI), I’ve pioneered new ways to use technology to support thousands of candidates as they run for office, and to empower the activism of one million grassroots members. I’ve been quoted or profiled in hundreds of news stories, and have written for the New York Times, The Guardian, The Nation, American Prospect, and others. I’ve been honored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus for my work, and I’m a founding member of the influential Women in Politics and Technology (WIPT) community. I have a BA from the University of Virginia, an MFA from Columbia, and a PhD in American history from Georgetown, where I wrote a dissertation on workers, citizenship, and the Constitution. 

My partner is technology and privacy expert Sascha Meinrath. We’re the parents of three awesome girls, and live in Pennsylvania and Washington DC.


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